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Skateboard Parks in the EcoEnlightened Age? You bet

Yeah there's a lot of cement in a skate park which is certainly not very EcoEnlightened. However skating its self is very EcoEnlightened and if your going to be building an rainwater overflow area anyway, this is a way cool idea! 

Recently the drainage canal and rainwater collection system at Rabalder Park in Roskilde, Denmark, was redesigned to also double as a skatepark. The park, which is a finalist for an Index Award, began as humdrum project by the city’s sewage department that quickly blossomed into an ingenuous testament to the creative mind. As Wired reported, “Over the past few years, climate change has increased rainfall, leaving basements and streets flooded. The city needed to devise a way to separate rain and sewage water from the adjacent areas.”

The city brought on Danish architecture firm Nordarch to help turn the area into a duel recreational area—with a skate-able canal that can re-direct rainwater into bowl-like basins able to hold up to 10 swimming pool’s worth of water. The park will also contain a jogging path, fitness and play equipment, and leisure areas.

But what happens to the park when it rains? “The Canal itself empties rather quickly when the rain stops, and the particular water reservoir where the skatepark is placed, will only be filled approximately once every 10 years,” head designer Søren Nordal Enevoldsen explained to Wired. “That means the rain will almost never have an impact on the skatepark use.”

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