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Mankind has evolved from the Caveman and the Stone Age, to the Bronze Age, to the Iron Age. More recently we’ve heard of the Industrial Age, Information Age and the Knowledge Age. But we’re not going to be remembered for these. No, our kids and future generations are going to remember us as having lived in the, Fossil Fuel Age – The age where we became wholly dependent on fossil fuels for transportation, heating, cooling, building materials, packaging materials and really, most every aspect of our daily lives.

Now of course there have been many technological, medical, and other positive accomplishments made during this age. But, we are all now realizing the Fossil Fuel Age has brought a number of increasingly negative consequences.

In fact, right now we have two choices. We can keep going as we are. Continue to spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, watch climate change go unchecked, let pollution spiral out of control and eventually run out of fossil fuels which will lead to the not so promising, Post Fossil Fuel Age.

Or, we can take action and put an end the Fossil Fuel Age right now. Of course the question is…just how do we do that? Well, let’s face it there is really only one way. We need to do nothing less than dawn a new Age of Mankind, the Eco Enlightened Age!

This will be an age where we

  • learn to live in balance with our surrounding Ecosystem,
  • learn to create sustainable Economies and
  • move to Eco Energy sources – Fuels from heaven as opposed to fuels from hell.

And here’s the thing, dawning this new age is not just about counting carbon footprints, becoming a vegan, or hugging a tree. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that. But, it is also about thoughtfulness, balance, and going back to the future by blending old ways with new technologies.

It’s about electing the right leaders and supporting the difficult choices they will need to make to end the Fossil Fuel Age. Oh and this is important. Dawning the EcoEnlightened age is about implementing the right laws, and economic incentives. It’s also about innovation, entrepreneurship, and determination.

The EcoEnlightened Age will end our dependence on fossil fuels and return our air, water, and woodlands to the safe, unpolluted condition for our children to enjoy just as we did. And, the EcoEnlightened Age will mean more – more clean water, more clean air, more fish, more wildlife and a more balanced and peaceful life.

OK so you’re thinking, what can I do to help end the Fossil Fuel Age and dawn the Eco Enlightened Age? 

  • First, start to build your eco awareness and education by checking out the Fossil Fuel Age and EcoEnlightened Age sightings as well as the Eco Actions on the site.
  • Then, post your own.
    • When you see something that proves we are living in the Fossil Fuel Age, such as a lawn sprinkler running in the rain or a diesel truck idling with no one in it, take a picture and post it. Keep in mind the main goal is to build awareness and educate others however this can also be quit therapeutic.
    • When you come across something that shows the EcoEnlightened age is dawning again post it up to the site. This could be your neighbor biking to work or your daughter reminding you to compost.  In addition to building awareness, this is a unique opportunity for you to show someone your appreciation.
    • Next take action yourself by perform an EcoAction. Begin a carpool, help an Eco Enlightened leader get elected, start a vegetable garden, stop using one use plastics, volunteer at a local eco group, etc. You get the idea.

But don’t stop there! Make Eco Enlightened thinking an everyday habit and while you’re at it, help others do the same. Encourage your friends to go to and post their own Fossil Fuel Age and Eco Enlightened Age sightings as well as their own EcoActions.

Don’t forget to check out the Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competitions. You could win a prize, meet a lot of great people, and earn some well deserved recognition in the process.

And hey, how about being an Eco Enlightened leader yourself. Hold your own Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competition at your school, business, or community group. Each competition is tailored to the EcoAction you choose and each gets its own web page. For more information please contact us.

Finally, there is one crucial action we all must take. We have to make acting like the Fossil Fuel Man very un-cool while proving being Eco Enlightened is very cool….and we must make this way of thinking a mainstream mindset!

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