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The Ocean River Institute provides individuals around the world with specific opportunities to make a difference saving wildlife, protecting ecosystems, in environmental education, science, and conservation.

They were facing a number of challenges and limitations with their previous website. The team I worked with at RainStorm saw an opportunity to solve these problems with an all-new WordPress experience. Primarily, they were looking for new ways to reach their audience and provide information on their actions in the ongoing ocean preservation battle — as well as a way to get their audience involved in activism.

RainStorm deployed a series of custom-tailored WordPress tools including podcast delivery, location mapping, article publication, and case-by-case information design to help the Ocean River Institute tell their story about environmental activism and their efforts.

The website has seen a dramatic increase in both traffic and donations as well as petition signing — thanks in part to the beautiful new deisgn and fully fluid responsive layout that makes it a breeze for visitors on any device to naviagate and explore the institute.

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