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Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competitions are custom designed for communities, schools, organizations, and businesses. Each competition receives a dedicated competition page that functions as an online competition tracking system. It gives an overview of the competition, award categories, prizes, judges, and a searchable list of Fossil Fuel Age Challenge entries. Competitions are highly customizable. They can be combined with existing events or focused on specific objectives such as; awareness building, education, community outreach, family involvement, environmental cleanup, carbon reduction, etc. All competitions are designed to be engaging, competitive, and fun. If you are interested in learning more about holding a Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competition in your community, school, organization, or business please contact us.

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2023 Portsmouth Trash To Trendy Gala
2023-03-13 21:48:24
What The 2023 Portsmouth Trash to Trendy Gala is certain to be THE EcoEnlightened event of the year. This is a creative black tie event where attendees are encouraged to create their outfit or at least some part of it […]
2023 Greater Newburyport Trash To Trendy Gala (No Sponsors)
2023-03-13 20:42:36
Who If you live in the Greater Newburyport Area or if you are planning to attend with someone from the area then YOU ARE INVITED! What The 2023 Greater Newburyport Trash to Trendy Gala is certain to be THE EcoEnlightened […]
The Ocean Foundation
2022-04-11 11:14:08
The Ocean Foundation (TOF) is a unique community foundation with a mission to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.
Mr Fox. Composting
2022-04-11 11:13:48
Mr Fox Composting has a very simple philosphy: * We believe that food waste shouldn’t have to go in plastic bags and be thrown into landfills. * We believe that the future of our planet is dependent on the majority […]
GrandmaC's one week collection
2022-04-11 11:11:53
As you can see, we have a good recycling system here where I live. However when you think of the “carbon footprint”, the energy used to produce all this SUP, and then dispose of it by making something else from, […]
Samantha's SUP Challenge
2022-04-11 11:10:56
Did you discover any SUP that surprised you? -I was surprised to learn that plastic doesn’t biodegrade even after it breaks down the the environment. I was also surprised that we consume chemicals (such as BPA and phthalates)…
DeLuca SUP Post
2022-04-11 11:09:57
I would say I use slightly less than the average person/family. I have a big ol’ fam bam but we are conscious of our plastic usage so we don’t use as much as most big families. The SUP we use […]
Warm Vegi Dressing (Cashew or Almonds)
2022-04-11 10:38:52
10 TBSP Olive Oil (1/2 cup +) 6 TBSP lemon Juice (1/3 cup or so) 1 tsp salt 1 Cup cashews or Almonds or even tofu (crushed are fine) 3 cloves of garlic Put it all in the food processor or vitamix and […]
Chocolate Hummus
2022-04-11 10:38:31
1 15 oz Can Chickpeas (drained) Fresh – even better (soak and cook first) a.k.a garbanzo beans. 6 TBSP Cocoa Powder ¼ coup of Honey (agave syrup) 3 TBSP Coconut Oil 2 TBSP Water 1 tsp Instant Coffee ½ tsp…
Backyard Apple Cobbler
2022-04-11 10:38:03
5 peeled apples from the tree outback, tossed with lemon juice, local honey, 1/2 bag of frozen BlackBerries, and brown sugar. Make a crumble from steel oats, melted butter, and brown sugar. Bake for 35 minutes on 350. Go organic and enjoy! …