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Fossil Fuel Age sightings show we are addicted to fossil fuels and living in the Fossil Fuel Age. Many of these sightings are the result of people being unaware, careless, or just plain lazy. Still others are flagrant and unconscionable. That said, as you look through the sightings remember, no one is perfect. We are all living in the Fossil Fuel Age and to one extent or another, we are all the Fossil Fuel Man. 

Post your own sighting!

If you spot an incident showing we are living in the Fossil Fuel Age, take a picture and post it. You will find it easy, and quite fun. It can even be very therapeutic. Of course, the main goal is to help all of us better recognize and change our Fossil Fuel Age habits.  With this in mind, the more educational you can make your post the better.

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Fossil fuel powered leaf blowers UGH! 😫
Posted by: Nash
Fossil fuel powered leaf blowers push leaves from one part of a forest to another. The fossil fuel man lives.
Trash Everywhere
Posted by: Ronny Allen
"Someone else will take care of it" ~ the Fossil Fuel Man
Coal Rollers Are Anyting But Holy
Posted by: Ronny Allen
The Fossil Fuel Man exists and he is a Coal Roller
A Nicaraguan Canal?
Posted by: Sarah Smith
Nicaraguan Canal...Truely Fossil Fuel Age thinking that thankfully so far looks to be a non starter.