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EcoActions are actions that you personally take to help end the Fossil Fuel Age and dawn the EcoEnlightened Age. They can range from large community based initiatives such starting a farmers market, to small personal actions such as helping your neighbor start composting.

Critically important EcoActions focus on building awareness and educating others – especially those in leadership positions. Also critical is making EcoEnlightened thinking a daily habit for yourself and a mainstream mindset throughout the world.

Posting your EcoAction is easy. First get inspired by reading what others have done. Then, get creative and think of an EcoAction that will help fight climate change, protect the environment, and perhaps even educate others. Finally take action!…and plenty of pictures. Then, post your EcoAction by clicking here!


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Single use plastic tracking and reduction
Peter James
I had a number of interesting takeaways from my anaysis of my single use plastic usage.
First of the Blueberries!
Isabella Sollazzo
Be EcoEnlightened - Grow your own food!
Becoming EcoEnlightened by no design Reduce and Reuse by happenstance
Rafael and JD
Recycle, Reuduce and Reuse three keys to Ending the Fossil Fuel Age. The nice thing is it's not always hard.
Ending the Fossil Fuel Age by going electric - Autos and Heat Pumps
Jim Newman
Electric vehicles, heating and other technologies will make the Fossil Fuel Man go the way of the dinosaurs
The Built Environment Plus Sustainable Scavenger Hunt Huge success
Eli Beckerman
37 teams 2,200 missions! Building awareness and taking action by encouraging others! BE+ is focused on championing EcoEnlightened building practices!
Walking the Talk focused on Sustainable building and design
Kate Bubriski
If you work at Arrowstreet, an award-winning, Boston-based architecture firm focused on sustainable design, you live in an all electric house and work to end the Fossil Fuel's what you do.
Helping to Dawn the EcoEnlightened Age by majoring in it!
Lia Clark
Majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science and working to help end the Fossil Fuel Age by going into urban and environmental planning.
Use Social Media To Get Your EcoEnlightened Message Out!
Eben Philbin and Emily Zaccaria
You must take action if we are going to dawn the EcoEnlightened Age.
Waste is a waste!
Marina Pace
Waste is a waste. Try to reduce as much of your own as you can but don't stop there. Influence your friends and neighbors to do the same.
Many small steps required to be EcoEnlightened
Aveen O'Neill
minimize waste, recycle, bring your own cups, etc. There are lots of small actions that can be taken that add up to big progress if we all do them.
Encouraging EcoAction! Get other's to join in.
Kiki Henriquez
Kiki EcoEnlightens the Fossil Fuel Man at Democracy Brewing's Earth Day Happy Hour 4/22/2023 by talking about the importance of encouraging others to take action with you!
Keep it simple - Recycle and Turn off the lights!
Manny Villar
Manny Villar EcoEnlightened the Fossil Fuel Man at Democracy Brewing's Earth Day Happy Hour 4/22/2023 by sticking to the basics - recycle and turn the lights off.
Dropped a car and added a bike
Aaron Johnson
Aaron EcoEnlightens the Fossil Fuel Man at Democracy Brewing's Earth Day Happy Hour 4/22/2023 by explaining he moved to an area where he and his wife only need one car.
Building Community and investing in Clean Tech
Michael Belley
Michael Belley EcoEnlightens the Fossil Fuel Man at Democracy Brewing's Earth Day Happy Hour 4/22/2023
A Quick Dance and Sage Advice - VOTE
Jon Ulrich
Do a little dance, have some fun, and then vote for ideas like the green energy initiative!
Toby and the Gang Educate the Fossil Fuel Man.
Kids today know more than you think. Climate Change and what we need to do to dawn the EcoEnlightened Age are part of today's grade school curriculum.
Swap Driving for Public Transportation
Eileen drives less and takes public transpertation. She also imagines the EcoEnlightened Age to have more connected communities.
Focused on EcoBuildings and making sure the EcoEnlightened Age is fair for all.
Hessann Farooqi
Hessann is the Advocacy Director for The Boston Climate Action Network! BostonCAN is focused on the built environment as well as working to ensure the EcoEnlightened Age is a prosperous age for all people.
Composting Is Easy!
Alfed M Palmer
I finally got me off my butt and started composting, Turns out it's easy and it sames me time.