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Post a Sighting or EcoAction

Below you will find three options to post sightings. You can post your Fossil Fuel Age Sighting, EcoEnlightened Age Sighting, or an EcoAction. If you are posting a sighting or EcoAction for a competition just click on the appropriate link below to be sent to the correct posting form and then remember to select your competition at the bottom of the form.

Fossil Fuel Age Sighting Post

Fossil Fuel Age Sightings show that we are indeed living in the Fossil Fuel Age. They can be the result of carelessness, laziness or plain old ignorance. They can also be flagrant and unconscionable.When posting a Fossil Fuel Age Sighting keep in mind no one is perfect and look to build awareness and ecoeductate.

EcoEnlightened Age Sighting Post

If you see someone or something that proves the EcoEnlightened age is beginning to dawn take a picture and post it here. Look to give recognition, build awareness, encourage others, and of course eoceducate!

Eco Enlightenment

EcoAction Post

EcoActions are where you personally take action to end the Fossil Fuel Age and dawn the EcoEnlightened Age. As always look to build awarness and ecoeducate yourself and others while doing your EcoAction. Be creative and aim to inspire others to perform their own EcoAction.

Host Your Own Competition or Event

Interested in hosting a Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competition in your community, school, organization, or business? Each competition receives it own Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competition web page where participants can read about the competition and see EcoActions that have been posted for the competition. We will help you decide on an EcoAction, promote your competition, decide on prize categories, select prizes, and make certain your competition is a success. For more information just let us know by submitting a request.